Slot Overview of Wild Yield

Relax Gaming, a software developer, is bringing us on a journey to the farm to learn about the food we eat. It’s easy to forget that much of the food we eat comes from farms and fields rather than magically appearing on shop shelves. Put in some time, effort, and seeds, and you’ll reap a rich harvest. Or not, if drought, flood, or some other natural calamity destroys the crops. Wild Yield, a video slot machine, delves into the ups and downs of providing food while trying to make a profit.

If you’re in the mood to get back to basics, you might want to check out the expanding farm slots games category. Wild Yield stands out as an especially stunning example because to the exceptional visual depth and richness it possesses. The mountains and hills have been sketched with a sense of humorous exuberance, clearing the way for a red barn, a windmill whirling slowly in the breeze, and fields of crops. A scarecrow is also included in Wild Yield; he rests when the reels are not in motion, keeps an eye on the action, and enjoys the thrills with you. The verdant, welcoming agricultural setting is completed by a nasty banjo tune.

Wild Yield may give the impression that food magically grows itself and then jumps onto trucks on their way to the market, but it is in fact a no-frills gambling instrument. In a moment, we’ll explain why. We’ll start with the granular facts, including how Wild Yield uses a highly volatile mathematical model with a projected return to player of 96.12%. Wild Yield is playable on any device and has betting options between 10 pence and £/€20 per spin.

There are 259 interconnected ways to win, and the gaming takes place on a 5-reel, 5-column panel. To win, you need to line up three or more identical symbols in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, beginning with the leftmost reel. Traditional J-Shape in WoodThe lowest paying symbols are the A royals (1x the wager for 5 of a kind), while the highest paying symbols are the aubergines, lettuces, tomatoes, and pumpkins (1.5x to 3x the bet for 5 of a kind). Wild symbols have a significant impact, as implied by the title, Wild Yield. Their primary use is to stand in for other symbols in a pay pattern. A victory with five wilds pays out three times the wager and is employed frequently in the bonus games.

Free Spins and Other Slot Bonuses

In addition to the standard free spins and bonus games, Wild Yield also offers an Extra Free Spins purchase option and a feature buy in some areas.


When a winning combination is in view, all matching symbols are destroyed and removed from the board. Countered wilds don’t lose a life, but they do have their counter reduced by -1. When symbols fall into empty spaces, they may form new winning combinations. This procedure is repeated until no more symbols are visible.

Climate Symbols

When severe weather strikes, wild symbols may occur more frequently. Tornado, Rain, Lightning, Earthquake, Frost, and Fire (Fire only comes during free spins) are just a few of the several kinds. When a Weather sign appears on the grid, it will reward one or two patterns from its group, turning those matching patterns into wilds. If a Weather symbol is used to change an existing wild symbol, the wild’s counter will rise by one. The counter indicates the number of times it may be utilized and also works as a multiplier for any related ways winnings that go via it.

No Risk Turns

If you get three scatter symbols on a single spin in the main game, you’ll get six free games. Additional scatter symbols on a spin will result in an additional free game. All of the locations that become wilds during the free spins bonus round are recorded on a separate board to the side of the reels. All designated spots on the board become wilds on the reels when the first Weather symbol appears during a free spin. Multipliers are applied to indicated positions on the board. An additional one free spin is awarded whenever a bonus symbol appears.

Free Rounds Added

If less than 10 Weather symbols appeared during the bonus round, the player has the option of purchasing 1 additional free spin at the amount shown. If you purchase an additional spin, all wild symbols that appear during that spin will remain in their specified spots on the sideboard. Until 10 Weather icons appear, players may continue to purchase more free spins. This feature now has a 96.5 percent RTP. Players in a spending mood may also pay 90 times the normal amount to purchase free spins. You may get a 96.5% RTP when you buy free spins as well.

Judgment in a Wild Slot Machine

If Wild Yield is any indication, farming may appear to be a lot of fun and games, but it can be really challenging — and rewarding, when everything falls into place. Although the trip might be quite rough, players do have some say in the matter. The’safest’ approach to enjoy Wild Yield’s brand of farm-grown amusement is probably to let nature take its course and play. However, that strategy might not be the best one for getting the most out of Wild Yield. We’re talking about the Extra Free Spins purchase option, which is like walking a tightrope across a cliff at times. The stakes and the danger rise with each buy the player makes, making this a very exciting feature.

Having a number of checked boxes on the side board might be very tempting when considering whether or not to make another purchase. All of these symbols can become wilds if you get a Weather symbol during the bonus spin, but that’s not a given. It was not unusual for gamblers to spend hundreds of times their initial investment on a single spin, only to win back their initial investment (or sometimes nothing at all). The fact that Wild Yield offers a maximum payout of 50,000 times the wager just adds to the game’s allure, and given Relax Gaming’s track record of busting win caps, it’s possible that Wild Yield may follow suit in the not-too-distant future. One of the best parts of Relax Gaming is that you never have to wonder if you can genuinely reach the game’s maximum potential.

Players in Wild Yield can approach this well crafted game in whatever way they deem suitable. You may do anything from sit back and see what happens to buying free spins and/or repeatedly clicking the Extra Free Spin button to maximize your chances of winning. Wild Yield may appear as harmless as a smiling scarecrow in a field of crops, but don’t be fooled by its outward appearance; this creature means business. But it has everything it takes to produce, not to mention enormous potential, so talk about taking a risk (reasonably, of course).

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